Clients come to us for strategic advice. So: for more than just our legal specialisations. We advise clients at the key moments, on organisational and personal implications. For example, we are instructed to assist with partnerships, merges & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, governance issues, venture capital investments, funding, and more. For further information, click on some of the selected examples below, or get in touch.


We advise at the earliest stage on the partnership model that suits our clients. We first seek to understand business model, relevant market and personalities within an organisation. Then comes our legal expertise. Our involvement does not stop when the partnership has been established - we continue to accompany our clients and learn as they do. We have assisted numerous organisations with shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements and investment agreements. Domestic and abroad.


Our clients stand out by their ambitions and growth potential. We assist them in channeling that growth in the right direction. No loose ends. As such, we ensure their company value grows, and grows. We have acted as counsel on buy-ins, buy-outs and exits. We are mergers and acquisitions experts and we ensure these processes succeed. We are dealmakers and we’re proud of it.


Access to the right capital is essential for every organisation. We know the funding needs of our clients, and advise them on all fundraising issues. We assist them in evaluating their financing partners and ensure agreements are crystal clear. We have extensive experience with convertible notes, seed capital, friends & family rounds, bank financing and more.


Our clients don’t like superfluous memo’s or unnecessarily complex structures. In every phase of a company’s life, there is an optimal structure: tax considerations, foreign expansion and financial reporting obligations play drive the decisions to be made. We have assisted our clients with (IP) holding structures, multi jurisdictional subsidiaries, partnerships, fiscal unities and more.

Employee participation

Access to and conservation of talent is a continuous challenge for our clients. We understand that our clients therefore need to offer the right employee value proposition. We assist by crafting the the right custom-made employee participation. So that our clients can rest assured their key employees get involved and stick to the organisation. We have extensive experience with certification, non-voting shares, stock options, stock appreciation rights, bonuses and more.


We act for investment companies and understand the ‘investor ecosystem’. Because we know the interests and the expectations of both investor and target company, we guide clients to successful investments. Often for multiple investment rounds. We speak the language of Silicon Valley, without losing sight of local habits.


Ownership, management and supervision must be in balance within an organisation. Our clients are aware of the importance of good governance. We advise them about the right governance structure – one that fits the organisation. We guide clients through the implementation process and ensure proper reporting to stakeholders. Decisiveness and space for entrepreneurship is sometimes the driving force. In other cases, careful monitoring with checks and balances is important. We ensure clients make the right decisions.

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