Our clients are active in the online ecosystem. With their innovations they push the boundaries of the legal frameworks. They test whether the rules can still keep up the social and technological developments. Often, that is not the case. And then we come in. We are instructed to assist on dealings with market regulators, on privacy matters, on drafting bespoke user agreements, on protecting brands or formats, on legal implications of mobile, on licenses, on SLA's and more. For further information, click on some of the selected examples below, or get in touch.


European legislation has a major impact on the Dutch (and European) financial markets. Our clients are players with international ambitions, and their business models were unknown at the time legislation was written. This leads to questions with the regulators (The Dutch Central Bank and the Financial Supervision Authority). We ensure our clients have the right answers – on permit procedures, at public consultations and more.


A privacy breach can be the end of an organisation. Our clients approach us for privacy impact assessments, privacy statements and for guidance with internal privacy processes. In this way, they make sure they do not harm the trust of their customers – and that they maintain their leading position in the market.

User Agreement

The user agreement is the legal face of a company. This agreement states nature and intentions of a company – and users know this. User agreements should be readable and sympathetic – but also: rock solid from a legal perspective. Our clients don’t want to play hide and seek. Partly because of us, they lead with transparent and understandable legal documents.

Format and Brand Protection

Innovators develop concepts that need to be protected. In some cases the law doesn’t give them a firm footing or the right protection. With our help, clients can find the right protection for appropriate cases. Allowing them to keep their competitive edge.


Our clients possess valuable intellectual property. They seek us out for advice on how they can capitalize on that. We often advise about license fees, licensing and licensing structures. Nationally and internationally.

Service level agreement

No online product is finished, ever. And so agreements about development and maintenance are necessary. If those agreements get too extensive or complex, clients come to us for readable service level agreements. No standard texts with uptime guarantees, but a specific agreement for the specific situation.


Many of our clients think mobile first. And so do we. Clients come to us for advice on the legal implications of multi-device strategies, in-app purchases, or access (and denial of access) to app stores.

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