Every organisation deals with conflicts. We look at those conflicts in the broadest sense. Primarily: with a legal look. But we also know the ethics, press and politics behind conflicts. And with our help our clients navigate through these conflicts unscathed. We are instructed to litigate, to resolve shareholder issues, to file summary proceedings, to protect our clients' reputations, to enforce intellectual property rights, and more. For further information, click on some of the selected examples below, or get in touch.

Litigation advice

Our clients wish to avoid litigation. Therefore, they ask for our help if a problem is barely even visible yet. Together with our clients we outline all possible scenarios; we judge the advantages and disadvantages. As such, our clients know exactly where they stand. And we often reach the goal without ever making ourselves known to the other party.

Shareholder disputes

Our clients show courage and have vision. Sometimes this leads to clashes: with co-directors, shareholders, or other stakeholders in the company. In these clashes we ensure the right vision can be carried out in the end. Through a settlement, arbitration or through proceedings with the Enterprise Chamber.

Summary proceedings

Urgent cases require decisive action. We assist our clients in these urgent cases: day or night. For example: to do or cancel a seizure, to recall defective products, or to avoid unlawful publications in the press.


Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. If our clients face a conflict, their reputation is always at stake. We realise with how many effort their reputation was built. Which is why we assist our clients to avoid reputational damage. Or to restore their reputation, when the damage has already been done. With all resources – legal, press, politics.

IP Enforcement

Copycats are always quick to latch on to innovative successes. Our clients, the innovators, often see their first creative success being replicated by the competition. They sometimes take it as a compliment. Other times, we are there to help our clients hold off simulants by challenging trademark- or copyright infringements. With a demand letter, or in court.

Do you need counselling in resolving a conflict?

Do you have a disagreement with a co-shareholder, is your reputation at stake, or is the competition copying your proprietary products? Do not hesitate to get in touch - we would love to hear from you.

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