De Roos Advocatuur is specialised in legal advice for innovative organisations and venture capital investors. Because of our focus on the tech world, online and creative sectors, we speak your language and we can help you in every phase of your organisation - from first idea to exit. Our services are divided into three categories: transactions, conflicts, and online.


Clients come to us for strategic transactional advice. So: for more than just our legal specialisations. We advise clients at the key moments, on organisational and personal implications. A few examples include M&A transactions, funding, partnerships and more.


Every organisation deals with conflicts. We look at those conflicts in the broadest sense. Primarily from a legal perspective. But we also understand ethics, press and politics behind conflicts. We advise on shareholder disputes, IP enforcement, reputational litigation and more.


Our clients are active in the online ecosystem. Their innovations push the boundaries of the legal frameworks. When legislation cannot keep up with social and technological developments, we come in. By advising on privacy, regulatory matters, mobile and more.

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