Pro bono

Pro Bono legal advice is a keystone of our company. Lawyers from De Roos Advocatuur are not money driven. They see it as their social duty to use their knowledge and skills for charity. We are happy that we enable clients without financial resources to get high-quality legal advice.

Qualify for Pro Bono advice

De Roos Advocatuur picks its Pro Bono clients carefully. To qualify for Pro Bono advice, the following requirements must be met:

  • Social impact. We focus on sustainable fashion, journalism, and education. But we advise on other Pro Bono areas as well
  • No (or very limited) financial resources
  • Legal complexity in line with our legal specialisations

Hack Your Future

Foundation Hack Your Future trains refugees to be ‘full stack developers’ in a 6-month program, and will link them with relevant companies on the labour market. De Roos Advocatuur advises concerns the foundation and organisation of Hack Your Future.

Vincent Mock

Vincent Mock is an artist . His work emphasizes the present distance between humanity and nature. In 2016 Vincent won the ‘Van Vlissingen art award’ (Christie's). De Roos Advocatuur advises Vincent a.o. in procedures concerning licences.

Circle Economy

The Cooperation Circle Economy develops practical and scalable methods to implement the circular economy. De Roos Advocatuur advises in governance and general contractual matters.

Meaningful Miles

Foundation Meaningful Miles is an innovative online platform that enables business class travellers move to economy class and donate the difference in ticket price to a charity of choice. De Roos Advocatuur advises concerning the establishment and organisation of Meaningful Miles.

Universiteit van Nederland

Foundation The Universiteit van Nederland has the mission to make education and science accessible on a large scale. They offer free online video lectures from the best Dutch professors. A new lecture is made available online every workday, and every week there's a new professor. De Roos Advocatuur assists the Universiteit van Nederland with various legal issues.


Do you meet our conditions for Pro Bono advice? And are you in need of legal help? Feel free to get in touch. We would love to investigate how we can be of further assistance.

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