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De Roos Advocatuur is the no-nonsense legal partner for innovative organisations. We specialise in Corporate law, Intellectual property, Commercial contracting and Privacy law, especially for online organisations. Our highly-skilled lawyers are ambitious, creative, and honest. Due to our array of services, De Roos Advocatuur is a suitable partner for entrepreneurs as well as a competent counselor for directors, shareholders, and investors.

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Focus on innovation

De Roos Advocatuur has first hand experience with innovators, the online industry and the creative sector.
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Clear and competitive rates

Our low overhead ensures that De Roos Advocatuur can offer competitive rates. Fixed fees are possible in appropriate cases.
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Specialised lawyers

Lawyers of De Roos Advocatuur are specialised in corporate law, intellectual property law and dispute resolution.
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Track record in online industry

De Roos Advocatuur has first hand experience in guiding online organisations and innovators.
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Our clients

  • TicketSwap

    TicketSwap is a safe and easy way to sell and buy e-tickets for concerts and events. Sellers are assured of their money and buyers receive…

  • Blendle

    Blendle is an online ‘news stand’ that enables you to flip through almost every newspaper and magazine in the Netherlands. You only pay for the…

  • De Correspondent

    De Correspondent is a daily, advertisement-free medium aiming to serve the world more context. By placing the news in a broader perspective or shedding a…

  • Thrill Grill

    Thrill Grill is a fast casual burger restaurant, and a collaboration between master chef Robert Kranenborg and several Amsterdam entrepreneurs. Thrill Grill started out as…

  • Nobel Capital Partners

    Nobel Capital Partners is an independent institutional investor targeting medium-sized Dutch organisations. They differentiate themselves through active involvement and a specific focus on long-term value…

  • House of Eléonore

    Founded in 2014 by young entrepreneur Bernd Damme, House of Eléonore was inspired by creating sustainable luxury by using sustainable diamonds and gemstones and hand…

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